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Hansen Orthodontics is the best dental care I've had in a long time. They walk you through the steps and are excellent at what they do!

Hansen Orthodontics is a great place to go if you need help. They take great care of you. They might even build friendships with you! Dr. Miller and Dr. Hansen are great people! They are so nice and even break the great news to you like "Your getting your braces off!" or..... "Your might need braces!" Haha! Their crew is amazing! They always ask me questions when I'm either getting an impression done or if we're just waiting for the doctor! I have been coming here since I was 7 so that makes it 4 years I have been coming here and they take great care of me every time I come either by myself or with my siblings. I recommend Hansen Orthodontics for anybody who is looking for an orthodontics because this place is just great! They make you wanna smile more!!! :)

WOW! the people here are so nice and welcoming i wish that i could come more often

Hansen orthodontics is the best ortho place you can go to